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As an Atlanta native, I'm really excited and proud that so much television and film production is being done in my city these days. However, I'll be the first to admit that this city has just as many faults as it does wonderful things to enjoy. It's like your annoying little brother you hate to love (or is it love to hate?) There are times I feel embarrassed and want to apologize for its shittiness, but simultaneously brag about what we get right. So anyway, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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really? because i have to say.  i’ve been biking around atlanta all week and i was impressed as hell. nightmare humidity aside, its a much hipper town than i was led to believe.

We’re hip, guys! 👏



Art For Sale: We’re still experiencing a bit of a financial crisis at the moment while the Eltingville Club work continues to drag on. I should be finishing it up in a few weeks but the summer’s been super tough and we’ve turned to selling art and collectibles to help keep us afloat. We generally sell our art through eBay, for a number of reasons, but it’s a slow process and we figured we’d try something different and see if anything happens.

So: The artwork shown here comes from a variety of books and gigs, all are pen and ink on standard 17” by 15” bristol (mostly Marvel paper, it seems). Some of these are relatively expensive, at least for my stuff, because I’m starting to sell off pages I have always meant to keep, meaning, this is the stuff I like and think is worth a bit.

Anyway, prices:

1) Milk and Cheese: Destroy All Stand-Up - $500

2) Dork #5, Let The Fun Begin -$400

3) Hellboy: Weird Tales -$200

4) Dork #10 Cover - $800

5) Milk and Cheese: Goodbye 1 pg strip - $400

6) Murder Family: April Funeral’s Day pg - $150

7) Eltingville Club: Bread and Suck-Asses Title pg - $500

8) Sim City Urbz Web Comic pg 1 - $150

9) Exhumed Films T-Shirt design - $250

Prices do not include shipping and insurance. 

If you’re interested in a page, write to us at: 

Please feel free to ask about any art you’re interested in that you don’t see here. More art will be on eBay soon, thanks to everyone who’s bid and supported us while I push Eltingville off the ledge.  



Give Evan all of your money.



You guys!  Today is PUBLICATION DAY for my new picture book called HUG MACHINE!!

That is right!  HUG MACHINE is out today in stores all over the place.  This is incredibly exciting for me because this will be the first picture book in which I have both written the words AND drawn the pictures.  An exciting milestone, my friends.

HUG MACHINE is the story of a child who is super down with hugging.  He is the self-proclaimed Hug Machine and he is very excited to tell everyone about it. He is very good at hugging and he is not shy to show the world.  He is ready for you to watch how amazing he is at hugging.

You can read more about this at

And if you want to print out activities for you kids that are all about the Hug Machine, you can go to